Evolution Lighting sets the new benchmark for custom designed Architectural LED Lighting.

Evolution Lighting Products offer lighting solutions that provide functional light with low energy consumption, as well as considering the aesthetic and environmental impact our lighting systems have. Those points aside a keystone of our long standing brand reputation is and has always been our reliability.

We have designed many successful products for our clients, ranging from carefully crafted one-off light sculptures to mass-produced commercial lighting systems.

Our commitment to deliver highly reliable lighting solutions is proven with our track record, while many of our standard warranty periods exceed industry standards. Innovations in technology and product enhancements further add to our continual push to deliver greater product lifespans and reliability. Providing even greater value and peace of mind to our clients.

Thanks to our substantial in-house capabilities in electronic, mechanical and lighting design, we are able to offer our clients complete turnkey solutions, utilizing internal resources. No job too small or too complex. Push the realm of design and let us make your vision come to life. Contact us today for any of your lighting needs.

The increasing demand for energy efficiency and greener solutions requires the evolution of intelligent lighting control and advanced LED fixtures. At Evolution Lighting, we are ready to design and produce luminaires and controls for many varied applications, ranging from residential and commercial, right through to industrial and mining.