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LED Glue Types. Which is best and what to look for.

Recently, there were several clients asking us about the type of glues used in our flexible LED strips.

There are 3 types of glue bases used by manufactures.

1. Epoxy resin glue

2. PU (polyurethane) glue

3. Silicone glue.

Unfortunately, it seems not all clients understand the difference between them and manufacturers are not educating the clients.

In addition to being such an important component in manufacturing LED products, glue types play an essential role when it comes to ensuring product quality and performance.

The following information and brief description of the glues has been formed to help consumers understand the differences and ensure they are getting a quality made product.

First, the most important factor……. never use PU or epoxy glue!

A quality manufacturer will never use PU or epoxy glue bases. These glue types should never be used especially when making high IP Rated (waterproof) LED strips.

This leaves Silicone glue as the best and only choice that should be used.

Here is the difference and WHY?

1. Epoxy resin glue has a very large share on the market because of its low cost, good maneuverability form and lower toxicity levels. But…. there is a fatal flaw in its molecular structure that makes this glue type an obvious poor choice. It has poor resistance to high temperature changes, meaning its degeneration resistance is poor and its low or high temperature resistance is also poor. This basically means heat will make it will turn yellow. While in colder temperatures down to -30℃, the led strips flexible properties will decline, causing damage and compromising the strips operation.

2. PU (polyurethane) glue is better than epoxy resin glue because of its good yellow degeneration resistance and good Low temperature resistance, but it’s not resistant to high temperatures. The cost is also higher than epoxy glue and it comes with higher toxicity levels. When solidifying, PU glue generates low molecular compounds, which are toxic and bad for your health, accompanied by the bad smell it produces.

3. Silicon glue – The winner! It includes all the advantages of PU glue and epoxy glue and has excellent heat resistance and excellent low temperature resistance from -50°C up to 300°C. Plus, almost no yellow degeneration and very low toxicity. This glue will never change or compromise the integrity of the product.


All quality suppliers should be using a high-grade silicon glue for led strip lights with no exceptions. This is the correct and only way it should be done to guarantee the product and its real-world performance.

At Evolution Lighting we only use high quality standard (406) silicone glue on all our waterproof strips.

We proudly offer a 3 years’ product guarantee, on all waterproof strips, including IP68 (totally submersible) strips, as a base standard warranty to the market. One of the highest warranties of its kind for this type of product. As well as, extended guarantees that are also available upon request.

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EVOFURUTRE – New extended range!

Evolutions advanced manufacturing techniques and talented designers have enabled us to produce amazing and unique designs in recent times. With the addition of our innovative product development process, we integrate functional concepts learned through our custom solutions built for select clients and projects, such as the University of Western Sydney and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

With LED technologies continually advancing and changing, Evolution places a high importance on research and development. Helping us utilise any new emerging advances or to develop new ways of making our designers visions come to life, and beautify your world through light.

Feature Models

Built with quality materials, finishes and put through rigorous testing our Future range is not only beautiful and energy efficient but also has a quality you can see and feel. Built to perform and to last in your home or workplace.

Feature Models

We believe, Design creates culture, Culture shapes values, Values determine the future, The future is here.

We are proud to introduce you to a much bigger and better Future range than ever before. From sleek and stylish to funky and creative, grand or simple pendants, surface lights, through to tabletop and floor standing fittings, our collection has it all!

Be sure to check out the entire Future collection on our website, and light your world with style.
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It’s been a long time coming, and the much anticipated launch of EVOVISOIN into the US market has now been set in concrete. In December 2016 EVOSEN Group will be opening three new EVOVISION offices in the US market. Strategically placed in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas, supporting current project demands including the upcoming screen upgrades for Times Square New York.

Over the past five years EVOVISIONs technically superior screens have lead the way, with innovative patented technology to eliminate the black line effect as well as develop corner screen capabilities. Plus the addtion of clever intergrated calibration and control systems, and unique front/rear access abilities.

Quality Assured – Like No Other

Since the introduction of EVOVISIONs Ultra HD display to the market, and extensive installations around the world it has proven to be a class leader screen solution for many companies, including the worldwide rollout for Louis Vuitton retail stores, from Italy to Japan and many more.


We utilise the most current and advanced manufacturing systems, with a stringent testing platform to produce LED displays of remarkable qaulity and performance. With infinite design capabilities, we have visual solutions for any medium and application.


View EVOVISION 2017 Catalogue

See and Experince the Difference. EVOVISION™

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