Ultra Fine Pixel Pitch LED displays. Stunning Visuals.

The X3 series combines outstanding image quality, low power consumption and a mission-critical design with redundant power and video options. Utilising commercial grade 3 in 1 Black LEDs for greater contrast levels and colour reproduction, producing a stunning vivid picture. Built in a lightweight 16:9 aspect ratio cabinet, designed for Ultra HD resolutions. The X3 features an all-in-one, simple-to-deploy design that enhances application possibilities and improves installation efficiency, making it great for concave curved video walls.

Pixel Pitch Options:   0.9mm   /   1.2mm   /   1.5mm   /   1.8mm


X3 Rear
Models – Specifications

X3-0.9   X3-1.2   X3-1.5   X3-1.8